Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium     Newark, NJ
Dimensions:  LF:  302   CF:  394   RF:  323   Capacity:    6,200   Opened: 1999

Stadium Minor League History:      Atlantic  League     1999-present

Current Status:  Home of the Newark Bears of the Atlantic League (independent)

What's Good:  Riverfront Stadium, situated right near downtown Newark, enjoys a terrific urban setting.  Boxed in by various buildings, watching a game here offers a definite sense of place.  Surrounded on three sides by the city, the outfield looks out across the Passaic River to an industrial area beyond, complete with railroad bridges and the Manhattan skyline off in the distance.  While the design of the place is virtually identical to similar stadiums in Bridgeport or Atlantic City, Riverfront Stadium is neatly decked out in various colors of brick and stone as well as the ubiquitous green seats, offering a somewhat refreshing take on a standard layout.  The main concourse was behind the last row of seats, and provided easy access to a number of concession stands and the souvenir store.  Though there isn't a real parking lot, a number of parking facilities are within a few blocks, so that wasn't a problem.  Ultimately, it's a nice place to watch baseball -- the stadium itself is nothing special, but the setting makes up for it.

What's Not So Good:  Nothing really sticks out as being particular negative.  Newark, like most major cities, has its share of crime, but the area around the ballpark seemed well-patrolled, well-lit, and relatively safe.  Traffic in the vicinity might also be a problem for evening games, but New Jersey residents are undoubtedly used to that.

This Photo:    May 31, 2001     Newark Bears vs. Long Island Ducks

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