Beehive Field    New Britain, CT
Dimensions:  LF:  325  CF:  400   RF:  325        Capacity: 6,125 (1999)        Opened: 1983

Stadium Minor League History:      Eastern League     1983-1995

Current Status:  Used for local high school baseball (a new stadium was built next door)

What's Good:  For a 1980s ballpark, it looked remarkably like a much older place, and subsequently had a more laid-back atmosphere than most newer stadiums.  Also, at least when I was there, goofy promotions were kept to a minimum.
What's Not So Good:  Inadequate facilities -- there weren't enough restrooms or concession stands, and there were lines for both.  Long lines. 

This Photo:    July 25, 1992     New Britain Red Sox vs. Albany Colonie Yankees

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