Bill Meyer Stadium    Knoxville, TN
Dimensions:LF:  330  CF:  400   RF:  330       Capacity:  6,412 (1999)        Opened: 1955

Stadium Minor League History:          South Atlantic League    1956-1963
                                                                   Southern League            1964-1967, 1972-1999

Current Status: Not in use

What's Good:  A classic example of minor league ballpark architecture from the mid-thirties to the mid-fifties, this stadium just seems to look like a minor league park is supposed to.  A full roof protects the fans, and the box seat area is comprised of real box seats, with those metal rails between the boxes.  An old warehouse over the left field wall provides a little urban atmosphere, while its windows serve as a target for right-handed power hitters.  A fun place to see a game.

What's Not So Good: The ballpark, in an industrial section of town, is a little out of the way for most folks.  The perception that it resides in a "bad" neighborhood, combined with the park's low attendance, means that its days of hosting professional baseball are over -- the team owners moved the franchise to some shiny, new stadium near the interstate in the suburbs.

This Photo:    June 25, 1995    Knoxville Smokies vs. Carolina Mudcats

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