Burlington Athletic Park    Burlington, NC
Dimensions:  LF:  335  CF:  410   RF:  335        Capacity:  3,000 (1999)        Opened: 1960

Stadium Minor League History:       Carolina League         1960-1972
                                                           Appalachian League   1986-present
Current Status:  Home of the Burlington Indians of the Appalachian League (rookie)

What's Good:  This is a cozy -- almost cute -- ballpark, highlighted by a compact grandstand.  It's among the more democratic venues for minor league ball as well, with no skyboxes or box seats, though the first few rows of benches do have backs on them.  It's design is attractive and efficient, and the whole place seemed well-kept and tidy.  A very pleasant place for watching baseball.  Interesting fact:  the grandstand used to be the home ballpark for the Danville, Virginia entry in the Carolina League.  After dropping out of the league, however, Danville sold the stadium to Burlington.  The structure was then dismantled, shipped to North Carolina, and reassembled in time for the 1960 season.  Fascinating!

What's Not So Good:  Not much to complain about here, especially considering this is the lowest level of the minors.

This Photo:    June 22, 1996     Burlington Indians vs. Princeton Reds

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