Bush Stadium   Indianapolis, IN
Dimensions: LF:  335  CF:  395   RF:  335        Capacity: 12,100 (1996)       Opened: 1931

Stadium Minor League History:    American Association     1931-1962
                                                               International League       1963
                                                               Pacific Coast League     1964-1968
                                                               American Association     1969-1996

Stadium Negro League History:    Negro American League  1944, 1946-1950

Current Status: Now called the 16th Street Speedway, it hosts midget auto racing

What's Good:  Truly one of the greatest minor league parks ever built, Bush Stadium is also my personal favorite.  There was so much to like, too -- a brick outfield wall covered in ivy (and the inspiration for the similar, but more famous outfield wall at Wrigley Field), a huge, hand-operated scoreboard in left field, old-fashioned light towers, and a full roof (click here for a nice shot of Bush at dusk).  A large concourse runs under the stands with concessions and restrooms, and a nifty concrete and brick facade adorns the main entrance.  Big but cozy, minor league baseball just felt right here.  It'll be terribly missed as a baseball venue.

What's Not So Good: The team moved!  The playing surface was ripped out (along with the scoreboard and the ivy) and a dirt racing track installed.  (If you're brave, click here for a picture.)

This Photo:   June 14, 1994    Indianapolis Indians vs. New Orleans Zephyrs

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