Franklin Covey Field    Salt Lake City, UT
Dimensions:  LF:  345  CF:  420   RF:  315       Capacity:  15,500  (1999)        Opened: 1994

Stadium Minor League History:        Pacific Coast League     1994 - present
Current Status:  Home of the Salt Lake Buzz of the Pacific Coast League (AAA)

What's Good:   Quite a bit.  Franklin Covey Field was one of the first of the new, double-decked AAA stadiums, and it's a beauty.  It's set in a neighborhood between the commercial, downtown district and a residential area, and is quite easy to find.  Once inside, it becomes obvious that this is a comfortable place to watch a game, with seats in close to the field, clean restrooms, and plenty of concession choices.  Like the other newer AAA stadia, the concourse behind the last row of lower-deck seating extends all the way around the outfield, with the requisite grassy berms behind the wall.  The grandstand is attractive enough, but most memorable is the gorgeous view of the Wasatch Mountains, which on July 4 still had traces of snow on some of the peaks.  Even the seats in the upper level offered great views, and a decent roof (for a new stadium, at least) offered some shade.  One interesting note -- the border between the outfield grass and the infield dirt was angular (parallel to the basepaths) rather than curved.  It didn't look bad, and it added a little distinction to the place.  All around, a great new ballpark.

What's Not So Good:  Not much.  If a city has to build a new stadium, this is the way to do it.

This Photo:    July 4, 1999    Salt Lake Buzz vs.  Las Vegas Stars

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