Grayson Stadium    Savannah, GA
Dimensions:  LF:  290  CF:  400   RF:  310       Capacity:  8,000  (1999)        Opened: 1941

Stadium Minor League History:        South Atlantic League     1946-1960,  1962
                                                            Southern League             1968-1983
                                                            South Atlantic League     1984-present
Current Status:  Home of the Savannah Sand Gnats of the South Atlantic League (single-A)

What's Good:   This ballpark is a somewhat typical "old" ballpark, with all the charms (and inconveniences) that that entails.  The full roof is a plus, of course, and there were a variety of food choices (including grilled food and barbecue).  An interesting feature is the separate outfield bleacher section just beyond the left field wall.  The stadium is also located in a pleasant, green, city park, and is relatively easy to get to.  And for folks who are sick of seeing every ballpark painted green these days, this one is bright red and black, offering a nice change of pace.  Overall, the ballpark is pleasant enough, and a pretty decent place to watch SAL ball.

What's Not So Good:  The black backstop netting enclosed the entire grandstand, and large, chain-link fences hinder the view from the bleachers down the line.  Also, like many ballparks of this vintage, it isn't well-equipped to deal with larger crowds (though admittedly, these are rare anyway).

This Photo:    May 20, 1994    Savannah Cardinals vs. Albany Polecats

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