League Stadium    Huntingburg, IN
Dimensions:  LF:  332  CF:  385   RF:  320       Capacity:  2,800  (1999)        Opened: 1991

Stadium Minor League History:       Heartland League        1996-1998
                                                Frontier League           1999-present
Current Status:  Home of the Dubois County Dragons of the Frontier League (independent)

What's Good:  League Stadium is truly unique.  Built as a set for the movie "A League of Their Own" in 1991, the studio apparently donated it to the city of Huntingburg when the shooting was completed.  It was designed so that it would look like an old stadium even during the 1940s setting of the film, and it looks positively ancient now.  It's all made of wood, with three rows of beams supporting the (heavy-looking) roof.  The light stanchions are the old-fashioned "erector set" types, and an ancient-looking scoreboard adorns the outfield.  If you concentrate a little, it's very easy to imagine that you are catching a ballgame at the turn of the century.  In an age where almost any new park is hyped as being "just like the old ballparks," this place really feels like an old one.  As interesting as the physical structure is, however, it was the people here that were the best part of my visit -- nearly everyone, from vendors to front-office staff to the cops working security, were sincerely friendly, helpful, and obviously quite proud of their little ballpark and its Hollywood pedigree.

What's Not So Good:  Well, those three rows of authentic-looking wooden beams holding up the roof create a lot of obstructed views.  And the new "box" seats (salvaged from Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium) are all orange and red, distracting from the time-warp element.

This Photo:    June 10, 1998       Dubois County Dragons vs. Lafayette Leopards

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