McCoy Stadium    Pawtucket, RI
Dimensions:  LF:  325  CF:  400   RF:  325      Capacity:  7,002  (1998)        Opened: 1942

Stadium Minor League History:        New England League        1946-1949
                                                            Eastern League                  1966-1967,  1970-1972
                                                            International League          1973-present
Current Status:  Home of the Pawtucket Red Sox of the International League (AAA)

What's Good:  There are so many things to like about this place it's hard to remember them all.  The handsome, tidy grandstand arcs around home plate and is covered by a large and sturdy-looking roof.  It's also very close to the field -- look at the photo and notice how little space separates the plate from the stadium wall.  The famous dugouts are built into the wall, forcing fans to (also famously) dangle items to be autographed over the wall in a home-made container tied to a string (for a picture, click here).  Best of all, as befits an old ballpark the team owner is himself somewhat old-fashioned, striving to keep the place neat, the prices reasonable, and the irritating promotions and distractions to a minimum.  Like Engel Stadium in Chattanooga, McCoy is proof that even older stadia can be comfortable, exciting venues for watching baseball -- it just takes a little work.

What's Not So Good:  Nothing that I could notice.  It has, however, undergone a major renovation prior to the 1999 season, and since I haven't seen it since, I don't know if the changes have robbed the old place of its charms or added to them.

This Photo:    August 1, 1993    Pawtucket Red Sox vs. Toledo Mud Hens

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