Memorial Stadium    Waycross, GA
Dimensions:  LF:  ?  CF:  ?   RF:  ?       Capacity:  12,000 for football  (1999)        Opened: 1948

Stadium Minor League History:        Georgia-Florida League        1948-1958,  1963
Current Status:  Used for high school football and other community uses

What's Good:   I stumbled onto this stadium while driving through southern Georgia, and the groundskeeper was kind enough to let me in to snap a few photos.  The stadium hasn't hosted professional baseball in my lifetime, so I'd be hard pressed to speculate what might have been good about it.  It's now configured for football only, and the groundskeeper said they got some pretty big crowds, too.

What's Not So Good:  I wouldn't know.   

This Photo:    June, 1996

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