Ray Winder Field    Little Rock, AR
Dimensions:  LF:  330  CF:  390   RF:  345      Capacity:  6,083  (1999)        Opened: 1932

Stadium Minor League History:        Southwestern Association            1932-1958,  1960-1961
                                                            International League                     1963
                                                            Pacific Coast League                   1964-1965
                                                            Texas League                              1966-present

Stadium Negro League History:      Negro Southern League                1932
Current Status:  Home of the Arkansas Travelers of the Texas League (AA)

What's Good:  Ray Winder Field is truly a unique and wonderful place for baseball.  Now one of the older stadiums in use, it's filled with the weird and interesting little quirks that give so much character to the historic parks.  One such feature is that the first few rows of "box" seats jut out past the dugouts, so fans sitting up there can look over their shoulders to see the bench.  In fact, they stuck so far out towards fair territory that they are among the closest to the action that I've encountered.  And speaking of the dugouts, they were among the smallest I've ever seen -- maybe ten players wide, if that.  Another interesting aspect of baseball here is that there's no reserved seats.  When the gates open, fans can sit just about anywhere they want, as long as it doesn't have a season ticket holder's nameplate on the back.  Erector-set light towers and an actual live person playing an actual ballpark organ (it was near the back of the grandstand behind home) only added to the already time-warpish feel of the place, although a few modern additions (like a nice new scoreboard) have made their way to the field.  Across the board -- tickets, concessions, programs -- prices were very reasonable, and people were friendly.

What's Not So Good:  The individual seats weren't the most comfortable I've ever sat in.  The playing field wasn't in very good shape either.  I also didn't notice any beer on tap as they appeared to serve it only in cans.  And though many of the folks I met were very pleasant, health was not a major concern -- it seemed like everyone over the age of 12 was smoking constantly during the game.  Still, these are minor complaints and don't distract much from the baseball experience here.

This Photo:    June 27, 1995    Arkansas Travelers vs. Jackson Generals

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