Sec Taylor Stadium    Des Moines, IA
Dimensions:  LF:  335  CF:  400   RF:  335      Capacity:  10,800  (1999)        Opened: 1992

Stadium Minor League History:        American Association        1992-1997
                                                            Pacific Coast League         1998-present
Current Status:  Home of the Iowa Cubs of the Pacific Coast League (AAA)

What's Good:  This is a new, reasonably attractive ballpark built at the confluence of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers in downtown Des Moines.  It's clean and pleasant, and offers terrific views of the Iowa state capital building (which is on a hill about a mile away) over the outfield wall.  Food is pretty good (there's a deli counter where you can buy sandwiches -- a pleasant alternative to typically greasy ballpark fare), and the restrooms were clean.  A fine place to see a game, but nothing terribly special.

What's Not So Good:  Too many skyboxes!  Not only do they comprise the second level of the grandstand, but a separate building in the outfield holds more.  Also, as opposed to some of the other recent AAA ballparks which utilize an upper deck to keep a majority of the seats around the infield, here the seats stretch all the way down the lines.  And while I had no problems moving around, checking out different views and taking pictures, I've also been told that the ushers can be pretty fanatical about preventing folks from sitting anywhere but their assigned seats.

This Photo:    August 15, 1996    Iowa Cubs vs. Omaha Royals

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