Southwestern Bell Bricktown Ballpark
Oklahoma City, OK
Dimensions:  LF:  325  CF:  400   RF:  325       Capacity:  13,066  (1999)        Opened: 1998

Stadium Minor League History:        Pacific Coast League        1998-present
Current Status:  Home of the Oklahoma Redhawks of the Pacific Coast League (AAA)

What's Good:   This awkwardly-named stadium, like Franklin Covey Field in Salt Lake City and Victory Field in Indianapolis, is representative of the new breed of AAA ballparks.  And as far as new ballparks go, there's a lot to like -- while the Bricktown Ballpark doesn't share the terrific, scenic views those two parks enjoy, it is still a comfortable, baseball-friendly venue.  Foul territory is on the small side, so the seating area is very close to the field, and a concourse wraps all the way around the outfield so fans can walk their way around the entire facility without missing any of the game.  A large statue of Oklahoma native Mickey Mantle adorns the third base entrance.

What's Not So Good:  Not a whole lot.  The field was pretty chewed up when I was there, but apparently that was because a college tournament (with several games per day) had just taken place there.  Like the other big new AAA ballparks, skyboxes and luxury seating takes up a large portion of the second deck.

This Photo:    June 1, 1998    Oklahoma Redhawks vs. Tacoma Rainiers

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