World War Memorial Stadium    Greensboro, NC
Dimensions:  LF:  327  CF:  401   RF:  327      Capacity:  7,500  (1999)        Opened: 1926

Stadium Minor League History:        Piedmont League                    1928-1934,  1941-1942
                                                            Carolina League                     1945-1968
                                                            Western Carolinas League      1979
                                                            South Atlantic League             1980-present
Current Status:  Home of the Greensboro Bats of the South Atlantic League (single-A)

What's Good:  This stadium is one of the oldest in use, hosting its first professional game back in 1928.  Down towards the left field corner is a bar/restaurant/patio area which was quite popular with many of the fans (they also had a TV tuned to the Weather Channel, which was quite useful since thunderstorms were all around the area the evening I was there).  As befits a structure of this vintage the stadium is fitted with old, erector-set light towers, and the facade by the entrance is impressive.

What's Not So Good:  Although I tend to thoroughly favor the older stadiums, this was one of my lesser favorites.  The grandstand doesn't look like it was made for baseball -- it curves widely around the infield (lots of foul territory) from first all the way down the left field line, like a backwards letter "J."  The roof is small, the colors of the seats are unattractive, and a chain-link fence mars the view of the field from the first few rows of the seats.

This Photo:    June 24, 1995    Greensboro Bats vs. Asheville Tourists

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